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The Devon Rex: A Food Loving

If you are familiar with cats, then you’re probably familiar with their eating habits. Some are picky while others don’t care white cat of cat food you set in front of them as long as it’s edible. The Devon Rex, however, is quite the opposite. The cat has been described as a dog like in personality. From a love for people and being the center of attention to a love for playing tag, fetch and hide and seek, this cat is more dog than feline. That goes for its appetite too! The Devon Rex has been described as a ‘food hound’ as he’s more than happy to help clear your plate or the table. Whether it’s a burger and fries or fish and asparagus, this cat will eat it all. Your Crown Point, IN vet may warn you to watch out for the Devon Rex and his large eyes that often plead for food even if he just ate. To know more, visit us ---


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