What To Do When Your Dog Has An Encounter With A Porcupine

Did you know that the average number of quills that covers a porcupine is about 30,000? What’s unique about their quills is that each of their shafts is covered with one-way barbs. The structure of the barbs makes it easy for the quills to penetrate even the deeper layers of the skin. In fact, there have been cases when porcupine quills were able to enter the cavities of the body and puncture major organs. Quills that pierce the body can also pave the way for infection and formation of abscess. Unfortunate encounters with a porcupine can have a dog covered with quills that can be very painful to remove. It is not advisable for pet owners to remove the quills for they may break off while still embedded under the layers of skin tissues. You should bring your pet to your Marion, IA vet clinic because anesthesia may be necessary to prevent pain, trauma, and proper removal of the quills. Click here.


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