How to Treat Diarrhea in Cats

Is your cat’s litter box full of loose or runny poop? Is your cat leaving trails of loose poop next to the litter box or even in your house? Your cat could be experiencing diarrhea. This can happen for a variety of reasons including a change in diet, environment, stress or anxiety level increases, or eating foods not meant for cats (i.e. table scraps). You can treat diarrhea at home by monitoring what your cat eats and drinks. Your cat should be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. She should also be eating a bland diet until her poop goes back to a normal and formed stool. Bland diets can be boiled white rice, boiled chicken, etc. Give your cat small portions at each meal time. If your cat’s diarrhea or stomach upset lasts longer than 24 hours, give your vet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan a call and schedule a checkup.


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