The Khao Manee

There are a lot of interesting cat breeds out there, and you know that the Khao Manee is one of them. What should you know about this beautiful type of cat?

The Khao Manee is a cat who is typically recognized because of the contrasting colors on her body. With very white fur, her eyes really stand out in blue, green, or gold. This is a medium-sized cat who has a bit of a muscular appearance. They are very smart, which can get them into trouble sometimes. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on a cat like this, as this will help curb some of her mischievous nature and allow her to form a close relationship with you. This will be helpful later on, as you will learn how you can better keep her safe in your home. Your local vet Oconomowoc, WI can help you better understand your pet.


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