Care Tips For Pet Gerbils

Gerbils like to be around other gerbils. Being housed alone can make them depressed and prone to developing undesirable behaviors. They are such social creatures and thrive with regular interaction. Gerbils are very prolific creatures thus when housing them, avoid putting both males and females in the same cage or else you will have your hands full taking care of many baby gerbils. Same sex housing is of optimum importance if you don’t want your gerbils to reproduce. Just like any pets, gerbils benefit from a nutritionally balanced diet. It can help protect them from common medical problems and increase their longevity. A seed and pellet mix should not be the sole source of daily nutrients for your pet because they tend to eat the seeds first because these are better tasting and more appealing than the pellets. Once they’re full they may altogether leave the pellets. Your veterinarian Pickerington, OH can further enlighten you when it comes to meeting your pet’s nutritional needs.


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