Some Pet Birds For Newbies

Bird species differ in their personality, intelligence, social manners, and even needs. Thus, not all birds make excellent pets for first pet bird owners. If you want to share your life and home with a pet bird, do your assignment and so you will know if you can meet even the basic needs of the bird you have in mind, and whether or not your lifestyle allows you enough time and money to devote to the needs of your feathered pet. There are several birds that are ideal for first time bird owners. Two of these are cockatiels and budgerigars. 

  • Cockatiels

Many people are drawn to cockatiels because of their colorful plumage. These birds are also smart and have a good disposition. Compared to larger species of birds, their basic needs are relatively easier on the pocket. Although they are not able to talk well, they can highly trainable. These birds communicate with each other by making different whistling sounds. One important thing to remember if you have cockatiels is that they will thrive with a spacious enclosure so they can spread their wings and derive physical and mental stimulation. 

  • Budgies (Budgerigars)

Budgies are social creatures and very talkative. That is why people are easily attracted to them. Housing a budgie alone can better enhance their social and talking skills those that those that are housed together in the same cage. 

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