Monthly Heartworm Prevention for Cats

Heartworms is a common illness found in many canines and felines. However, it is an illness that can be prevented. How? By having your cat tested for heartworms at all annual checkups and to have your cat on a monthly heartworm preventative medication. Monthly medications can come in the form of oral pills or injections. Some injections can actually cover more than one month making it easier to protect your cat without the hassle of remembering a pill each month. If you’re not familiar with heartworms, the disease involves worms that grow in the blood stream and invade organs like the heart and lungs. The heartworms can also cause blockage of blood flow to all vital organs which can lead to organ failure. Monthly preventative medications can help your cat and should be given whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors. Talk to your Plano, TX veterinary clinic for more details. Or visit this link for additional information:


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