Does My Outside Cat Need a Vet?

All cats should have a vet whether they live outside or inside twenty hours a day. No matter where your cat spends most of his time, he needs annual exams, vaccinations, and preventative care to ensure his health. For instance, flea and tick preventative medication needs a vet’s prescription as does monthly heartworm medication. All cats should also be vaccinated for rabies and other 2536+illnesses including vaccines for Chlamydia, distemper, FeLV, FIV, FIP, Bordetella, etc. Vaccines are for all cats and are not contingent on where the cat lives. Having a vet for your cat is also helpful for establishing a medical history. Should your cat have an emergency, she will already have an established vet that knows the cat’s health history. Having a vet already established for your cat can save time in emergencies as well. If your cat doesn’t have a vet yet, give your Frisco, TX veterinary clinic a call. More details here:


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