How Organophosphate Poisoning In Cats Is Treated

Organophosphates are common ingredients in many lawn and gardening products as well as products that are formulated to kill fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, cats are extremely sensitive to organophosphates and without proper dosage or administration, they can die from organophosphate poisoning. The best way to prevent organophosphate poisoning in cats is to consult your veterinarian before using the product on your cat. The proper dosage and method of application should be followed to the letter to prevent poisoning. Many cases of organophosphate poisoning in cats are brought about by an overdose or overexposure to the chemical. A cat can also suffer from toxicity when there is simultaneous exposure to several products that contain organophosphates within a specific length of time. As for the treatment regimen of organophosphate toxicity cases in cats, your veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX may induce vomiting. Giving activated charcoal helps absorb the chemical in the stomach and intestines before being absorbed in the body. IV fluids may be given to cats that are dehydrated. If there are respiratory problems, oxygen therapy may be started. 


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