When Is The Best Age To Spay A Dog Or Cat?

Responsible pet owners are fully aware of the importance of spaying pet cats and dogs, especially if there are no plans for breeding. Spaying is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the reproductive system of females. While the procedure can be done at any age, many experts recommend spaying at 5-10 months of age. Still there are those that recommend spaying before sexual maturity or the first heat. This will prevent the female from going through estrus and becoming pregnant. It should be noted that the smaller the breed, the earlier will be the maturity so that spaying of smaller breeds of dogs is best performed at 5-6 months old. As for the larger breeds, they mature more slowly thus spaying can be done when they are closer to one year of age. You should talk to your Burlington, ON veterinarian if you have any questions and/or concerns about spaying. Click here for additional information.


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