What Is An Ideal Diet For Pet Bladder Problems?

Did you know that increasing your pet’s daily intake of water can help treat and prevent problems of the urinary bladder? Drinking more water can cause the urine to become less concentrated, which means it contains less minerals and cell components that can create a favorable environment for bladder stones to form. As pets drink more water, there will also be frequent urination which can go a long way in removing minerals and other elements from the urinary bladder which can decrease the likelihood of stone development. Pets with bladder problems benefit from a special diet that meet the following parameters:

  • Premium quality canned pet food because it contains high amounts of moisture which can significantly increase the animal’s water intake.
  • A diet which has a neutral pH to avoid the extremes (low or high) of urine pH

Talk to your Brant Hills, ON veterinarian before making any changes in your pet’s diet. Visit this link to know more:


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