The American Water Spaniel: Athletic and Family Oriented

Many families that like to be on the go and active are often looking for athletic dogs, but as families they also want their canine companion to be friendly, loving, and an all around family dog. This is where the American Water Spaniel comes in. This breed is both athletic and a great family addition. The American Water Spaniel is known for his love of the water and his love for the sport of retrieving. He loves to be on the go whether it’s in the water or on the trails. At the same time, this breed is very affectionate, playful and loyal. They are great for family pets. Because of their size they should be monitored around young children. In addition, the water spaniel needs a home with lots of room to run and play. Exercise is a must. Consistent training is also recommended. Your vet Norwalk, CA can tell you this breed is eager to please.


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