Do Dogs Suffer From Cabin Fever?

A dog that is used to regular outdoor excursions can suffer from cabin fever when cooped up for days inside the home because the weather outside is just too freezing cold. Without something to do, they can easily get bored. They need to have enough opportunities for physical and mental stimulation to burn excess energy. Boredom can pave the way for undesirable habits such as persistent vocalization, destructive behaviors, potty accidents, etc. It is during these times that the owner should be resourceful enough to think of ways to keep pet dogs busy. Dog-safe toys, a treat dispenser, or a game of ‘hide the treat and seek’ are just ways way to keep your pet occupied. Always keep an eye on the temperature outdoors. If there is even a slight increase, let your pooch spend some time in the yard to shake off the cabin fever feels. 

Call your animal hospital Crown Point, IN if you have any concerns about your pet’s health or behavior. 


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