Mammary Tumors In Dogs

Many pet owners are unaware that there is a 50-50 chance that a dog’s mammary tumor is malignant. The risks for the development of mammary tumors tend to be higher in female dogs that are intact or not spayed. This is one important reason to have your female dog spayed. 

When a female dog is not spayed, she will undergo heat periods where there is a spike in the female hormone estrogen. This has been found to be an important predisposing factor of the development of mammary tumors. Thus experts recommend that spaying should be done at 6 months of age or before the female dog’s first heat. The risk of mammary tumors tend to increase with each heat cycle. Unfortunately, dogs that are spayed when they’re past 2 years of age don’t have any protection against the occurrence mammary tumors. Other important risk factors include hormone replacement therapy and being overweight or obese. Your veterinarian Anderson, IN can readily answer your concerns about the pros and cons of spaying.


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