How Treats Help In Dog Training

Many professional dog trainers use treats for positive reinforcement during dog training regimens. When a dog knows what’s in store for him if he performs appropriate behavior, he will have more motivation to perform well. Many experts advocate the use of positive reinforcement during dog training. Rewarding desired behavior can go a long way in achieving success in dog training. However, there are those who think that giving treats to a dog during training is more like bribing the animal to display desired behavior as long as there is the promise of a treat. But the proper way to use treats during training is to gradually withdraw them until the dog can perform the behavior with some lavish praise or belly rubs, minus the treats. Indeed, milestones during dog training can easily be achieved when a dog’s anticipation of a reward is heightened and met. Your veterinarian Coon Rapids, MN can also offer valuable tips to achieve dog training success.


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