What Are Exotic Pets?

Exotic pet

Exotic pets can cover a wide range of pets that are not considered your typical pet. For instance, dogs, cats, and small pocket pets like guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters are the most common pets. Hedgehogs, ferrets, sugar gliders, tarantulas, and chinchillas are considered to be more exotic. They are not part of the mainstream pets. These types of pets are also not commonly seen at local veterinarian clinics. Some of these breeds are also not available at local pet store chains, but instead may be found through breeders or specialty pet stores. The chinchilla can be found in commercial pet stores as can a sugar glider or tarantula on occasion. Ferrets may be available at certain times as well. Hedgehogs and sugar gliders are from smaller stores. If you own an exotic pet or are looking to purchase one, make sure you contact your local vets Sugar Land, TX for veterinarian services. 


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