Your Pet Rabbit’s Need for Hay

Your pet rabbit needs an assortment of foods to keep him healthy and happy. His basic diet should include high-quality rabbit pellets, fresh leafy greens and other vegetables for added nutrition. He will enjoy small pieces of fruit as treats. Your rabbit also needs lots and lots of hay. Hay supplies necessary roughage to keep your rabbit’s digestive system working well. Plus all that nibbling keeps his teeth trim. There is too much protein in alfalfa hay so timothy hay makes a better choice. You can find small bales of timothy hay from reputable pet supply stores. Feed stores or online vendors sell fresh timothy hay. Fresh hay is yummy and offers your rabbit extra moisture in his diet. Give your rabbit a generous amount of hay daily. After about a week you can determine how much hay your rabbit needs. Throw away old hay daily. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Matthews, NC.


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