How Many Walks Does My Dog Need Daily?

A dog’s exercise level depends on the age, health, and breeding of the canine. For instance, Golden Retrievers are pretty energetic. They need around an hour of exercise each day. This could be two thirty minute walks or one long walk plus regular potty outings. If your Golden has arthritis, your vet may recommend lowering the amount of exercise. If your Golden is a senior then he may not have the energy to do more than a 15 minute walk each day. A Basset Hound doesn’t need quite as much exercise as he doesn’t have near the energy levels as a Golden. However, he still needs to stretch his legs and stay active to stay health. Small 10 minute walks each day (say about three a day) or short 5 minute walks and one 20 to 30 minute walk may be idea. Your vet Bee Cave, TX will know what your specific dog needs.


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