How to Clean Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

If you are a new cavy owner then you may need some pointers on how to clean the cavy’s cage. First, it’s helpful to line the bottom of the cage with newspaper and then add bedding. This makes a weekly deep clean even easier. On a daily basis, pick out the wet spots and refresh the cage with a little bit of bedding if needed. Pick out the poop if it’s in clumps. You can use a little toy shovel or a cat litter scooper. Refresh food and water daily. Clean the food bowl and water bottle one to two times a week. On a weekly basis, remove your cavy and all toys and bowls from the cage and dump the entire load of bedding. Wipe out the bottom if necessary. Clean all toys, bowls and bottles. Replace your cavy when done. Talk to your animal hospital Portage, MI for more tips.


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