Am I Ready for a Dog?

If you are thinking about purchasing or adopting a canine companion, there are a few things you should ask yourself to help determine if you’re ready for a dog. First, do you have enough time in your schedule to wake up early, take the dog out for a potty break or walk and feed him breakfast. What about his time while you’re at work? Do you have a place for him to go or a safe place for him to stay in the house? Will you be able to come home on lunch breaks if you work long days? Will you have time in the evening to take your dog for a walk? What about finances? Are you able to afford a dog, food, toys, grooming supplies, routine grooming appointments, vet exams, etc.? There’s a lot involved, but if you can handle it, owning a canine is well worth it. Talk to your vet Dunn, NC for further advice.


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