Why Is My Cat Walking in Circles?

Your cat is walking in circles. The first thing to ask yourself is if she does this often. Kittens may walk in circles trying to catch their tail as it’s something completely new to them. They may also walk in circles if they are bored. The same can be true for some adult cats. They could be bored or there could be an insect bite on their tail that is bothering them in which case they walk in a circle or try to catch and bite their tail. If you have an older cat and she’s just walking or wandering in circles then she could have early signs of CDS or feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome, which is a lot like dementia. Basically your cat could simply be ‘lost’ because she doesn’t remember what she’s doing or why. If the constant walking in circles doesn’t stop or you’re unsure of the case, contact your Oakville, ON veterinary clinic. Visit this link for more information:


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