Disease in Elderly Cats

Did you know that cats can develop a disease similar to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? The scientific term is CDS or feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome. This often develops in cat around the age of 10 but could develop sooner or later depending on the cat’s health and lifestyle. Signs of CDS include forgetfulness, excessive wandering, staring off into space or staring at large objects (that may confuse with you), and the inability to hold their urine or poop. Not all senior cats will develop this disease, but it’s a good idea to keep them regular with their vet visits and be alert for any of the signs mentioned. Although the disease can’t be cured, some believe it can be prevented or pushed to develop later in a cat’s life if the cat is healthy and active in his younger years. You can consult with your West Oakville, ON veterinary clinic to learn more on CDS. Read more here.


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