What to Look for in a Senior Dog Food

Did you know that you should change your dog’s food as he ages? Most dogs will start out on puppy chow for the first year of life and switch over to an adult food afterwards. Unless instructed differently by your vet, your dog can stay on the adult food until he hits the senior years. For small dogs this could be around 8 or 9. For larger dogs this could be as early as 5 or 6. Most dog food brands carry a senior line of dog food. Some may be for seniors and then graduate to seniors 12 and up. Senior foods should be soft if your dog is having dental issues or has lost teeth. Senior food should be small in size to make for easy chewing. Foods that promote healthy liver and kidney function for older dogs are often recommended. Call your veterinarian West Oakville, ON to find out what food is best for your senior. 


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