Wrong Cage Temperature Can Cause Appetite Loss In Corn Snakes

Many people are now keeping corn snakes as pets. When your pet corn snake seems to suddenly lose his appetite, it may be caused by a variety of reasons. There is a need to identify the underlying cause so it can be properly addressed. One important cause is low temperature inside the cage.

Maintaining the optimum temperature inside the snake’s enclosure is very important. A warm environment promotes proper digestion and metabolism. Corn snakes can become very sluggish and have higher risks of developing health problems, including pneumonia, when it’s cold inside their enclosure.

The temperature inside the snake’s enclosure, should be among the first one to be checked if a corn snake loses its appetite. Since there should be temperature gradient inside the enclosure, you have to check the temperature on both ends — the basking spot and the colder part of the vivarium. At night, temperatures can drop inside the enclosure. It can get too cold for your pet snake if temperature inside goes below 70F. 

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