What Is Redirected Aggression In Cats?

Cats can become frustrated when they are unable to control certain situations such as when they are can’t go outside and chase the birds or an unfamiliar cat on the lawn. The buildup of frustration can eventually be vented out as aggressive behavior. Experts call this as redirected aggression. Unfortunately, the recipient of the cat’s aggressive display of behavior is the nearest person or animal who is unlucky enough to be near. If your cat is prone to displays of redirected aggression, you should try to pinpoint what situations can cause him to behave this way so you can take steps to prevent this undesirable behavior. Never attempt to hold or comfort your cat when he starts to appear uneasy and agitated. A better way to deal with the situation is to coax him to a quiet and darkened room so he will have his own space and time to calm down. 

You should seek professional help from your veterinarian Lafayette, LA if you are dealing with any aggressive behavior of your pet. 


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