How To Handle Hamsters That Bite

Hamster bite when they are frightened or afraid. It is actually a reflex action that is a defense or protective mechanism that helps them survive the dangers that exist in their natural habitat. With regular and early human interaction, pet hamsters will learn to tolerate being picked or handled. Hamster owners should always remember that nipping and biting in hamsters is a protective instinct and not a display of aggressive behavior. But if you have a pet hamster that bites, here are some tips to make handling easier and prevent harming your pet:

l Scoop your pet hamsters using a drinking glass if you need to transfer them to another place.

l In case the hamster escapes from the cage, use a thick towel or glass to scoop them up and return them to their cage.

l Wash your hands before touching your pet hamster. A distinct smell on your fingers may cause your pet to nip, mistaking your fingers for food.

l Use thick gloves to pick up the hamster. But this can prevent the hamster from being familiar with your smell. 

l In case you’re bitten by the hamster, don’t try to shake it off; don’t yell or hit the hamster. The best way to deal with it is to gently pry his mouth off your hand. 

Pet hamsters will also benefit from regular wellness checks at your Pasadena, MD vet clinic


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