Benefits Of Dental Treats For Cats

Tooth and gum problems are very common in cats; in fact, it is one of the important reasons cats are brought to vet clinic. The easiest ways to support your cat’s dental health is to have a regular dental regimen that involves brushing your cat’s teeth and examining his mouth for any signs of dental disease, regular dental checks, and dental treats. Unlike most treats, a dental chew is made of ingredients that make it lasts longer. Pet owners should always keep a close eye on their pet while the cat is chewing a dental treat, or any type of treat for that matter. In addition to helping prevent common dental health problems, dental treats can also help eliminate bad breath and freshen your pet’s breath. Chewing on dental treats also help control and prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. 

Since bad breath can also be an important sign of serious health issues, a visit to your Cameron Park, CA animal hospital should be undertaken to identify the underlying issue.


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