What Breed Dog Fits Your Lifestyle?

Looking to purchase or adopt a canine companion? That’s wonderful! Do you know what breed you want? Finding the right breed and finding the right dog that fits your lifestyle and personality are two different things. You may decide you want a lap dog to cuddle with at night and carry around or give hugs to at times. You tend to look at small dog breeds thinking they’re the best for house dogs. But you’re also an active person who loves to take long walks, take the boat out on the lake, and go for long drives. A small lapdog may not be what you’re looking for. In fact, larger breeds such as the Basset or even a throwback Pomeranian or Collie could be the best fit. Yes, they are small and probably enjoy some cuddle time, but they’re also energetic and love to be on the go. Talk to your Cherry Hill, NJ vet for help in choosing. Click here.


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