Tips For Choosing The Right Bedding For Your Pet Snake

With many bedding options for snakes available out there, owners of pet snakes should know which ones are best for the their pet’s needs. Here are some of the common substrates or bedding used for pet snakes, including their pros and cons.

Paper-based bedding material (Newspaper or paper towels)

Newspaper is readily available and it’s often for free. Being paper-based means these materials are absorbent. When it’s soiled, you can easily dispose of it and put in new ones. But newspaper and paper towel bedding won’t be ideal for species of snakes that are natural burrowers.


Sand is great for burrowers but it runs the risk of being ingested and causing impaction. Sand can also get under the scales of snakes. Although it is aesthetically pleasing compared to newspaper or paper towel, it can get soiled very quickly and needs to be completely replaced.


Carpeting material is cheap especially if you buy the remnants. It’s washable but you need to have at least 2 pieces so one is used inside the snake’s cage while the other is being washed. Frequent washing are necessary because carpeting can get soiled easily.

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