Do Hamsters and Gerbils Need a Vet?

Even though they are small and their life spans are relatively short compared to cats and dogs or even guinea pigs, it does not mean that your gerbil or hamster doesn’t need a vet. Gerbils and hamsters should have veterinarians just like other animals. In fact, your gerbil or hamster should have a first time visit with a vet soon after your purchase or adopt the pet. Your vet can examine your pocket pet and help establish a medical record for the pet. If there are any noticeable abnormalities they will be noted. If your pet requires special treatment or has an allergy it will be noted. This can save valuable time should your gerbil or hamster require emergency care in the future. Your vet can also help you with basic care and feeding instructions for your pet especially if this is your first pet. Stop by you Aurora, CO veterinarian office and schedule a visit today. Click this link for more information:


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