Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

You will need to trim your cat’s nails regular to keep her from catching them on fabrics such as carpeting or drapes where she could injure her toes. Short nails also inhibit the urge for destructive scratching. Start trimming your cat’s nails when she is young so this important grooming task becomes routine. Handle your cat’s feet and toes so she become accustomed to your touch. When you are ready to trim the nails, act efficiently. Use a nail clipper manufactured for cats. Grasp your cat’s foot and press on the pads to extend the nails. Trim the nails a little at a time while avoiding the quick. The quick is the nerve and blood supply to the nails and will hurt and bleed if nicked. You may only be able to trim a few nails before your cat starts to object. Don’t force her. Just try another time. Learn more from your Somerville, MA veterinary clinic.


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