Scooting In Dogs

Dogs have two anal sacs which are actually little pouches located under the skin just near the opening of the anus. The glands inside the anal sacs produce a strong-smelling substance that is normally secreted before a dog defecates. This is a distinct dog scent that is used by canines to communicate or to make territory. The anal sacs can become inflamed and infected, making them appear swollen and large as the secretion inside the sac accumulates without being secreted. This is a medical problem that should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian. Affected dogs take to scooting in an effort to find relief from the pain and itching. Aside from inflamed anal sacs, scooting may also be triggered by food allergies, parasites, or a low fiber diet. Unfortunately, dragging or sliding their behinds across the floor or lawn can introduce bacteria into the dog’s skin and into the ducts of the anal sacs. This can cause the anal glands to become infected. Also, scooting can deposit fecal material, bacteria, parasites, as well as foul odor on floor surfaces. You should make an appointment with your Marietta, GA animal hospital sooner rather than later if you notice your pet frequently dragging his bottom across the floor. 

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