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Your Cat’s Amazing Ears

Your cat’s ears are pretty amazing.Her hearing is thousands of times more powerful than yours. And her ears have evolved with special features to enhance her hearing further. Her ears perched at a high vantage point on top of her head are shaped to direct sound into them. Your cat can turn her ears to locate the source of sounds that she may want to investigate or escape from. She can determine the distance from sounds since her ears work independently. Keep your cat’s ears clean. Only use cat-safe ear rinse and cotton balls to remove excess wax and debris. You can use cotton swabs but only reach in as far as you can see to avoid damage to the ear canal. Inspect your cat’s ears for scratches, cuts and signs of infection such as redness or swelling and excess or dark-colored discharge. These conditions require medical attention. For more information, contact your Roanoke, VA veterinarian.


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