Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Cats And Dogs

Tumors in the mammary tissue of cats and dogs are not all malignant. Some are benign and may be seen as single or multiple well-defined growths in the breast. These are slow-growing and in general, not painful. As for malignant breast cancers, the symptoms may include one or more tumors that are growing rapidly, ulceration, as well as discharge and drainage. There may also be inflammation and secondary infection. Malignant cases of breast cancer in cats and dogs are very painful. The presence of pus and ulceration may warrant emergency surgery, depending on the assessment of your vet Marietta, GA during examination.

In addition to the typical appearance of the mammary tumors, blood and biochemical tests, as well as urine tests may be performed to evaluate the overall health of the animal and the function of major organs of the body. Chest x-rays may be done to determine if the cancer has spread to the lungs and to assess its extent. Surgical tissue biopsy is generally the preferred method of getting a definitive diagnosis when it comes to breast cancer in pet cats and dogs.


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