How to Switch Your Horse’s Hay

If you horse is leaving behind a lot of hay, then he may not be interested in it due to texture, taste, or even smell. If you’ve been feeding your horse first cut hay then you’ve been feeding a more dry hay that has a rougher texture. If your horse isn’t used to this he may not eat it at all. Try introducing a new hay. To do this, mix the two hays together. For instance, one flake of new and one flake of old. This will help your horse transition to the newer hay while using up the older hay. If your horse has been eating second cut hay then he’s been eating a richer and more moist hay. If he turns his nose up at this, he may be ready for a switch. Add first cut hay by mixing it in with the old. For more tips, consult with your Pickerington, OH vet.


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