Chartreux cats

If you are looking into different cat breeds, it can be difficult to overlook the elegant Chartreux. What makes these cats so special?

The Chartreux is a cat that is thought to originate in ancient Persia, and many people find their roots to be fascinating. They are identifiable by their interesting blue coats which are thought to have a bit of a wooly texture to them. They have a dense undercoat as well. The Chartreux is also known to have a characteristic shape to them, being larger in size where their body is concerned but smaller when it comes to their legs. They are great at catching mice and tend to form strong, close bonds with those around them. They are often trained with great success, and are thought to have distinct dog-like talents where this is concerned. Your local London, ON veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more here.


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