What Does Caring for a Dog Involve?

Taking care of a dog can be a big responsibility. Dogs needs to have plenty of human interaction as well as some socialization with other dogs and animals. Caring for a dog should be left to older children, teens and adults. Small children can help, but should not be left in complete charge of a dog’s care. Basic care includes feeding one to two times a day and refreshing water throughout the day. Dogs need to be housetrained as puppies, which can require time and patience and a few accidents along the way. Dogs will need to be let out for potty breaks several times a day. They should be walked at least once a day as well. Length of walk depends on the breed and size of the dog (i.e. Golden’s need 30 minutes or more while Chihuahuas do well with 10 minutes or more). Talk with your Farmers Branch, TX vet for more information.


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