Can Cats Get Cold?

Yes, cats can definitely get cold, but they may not get cold when you do. Depending on the breed of cat you own your cat may or may not get cold when you do or be as cold as you. For instance, the Maine Coon cat has a thick and heavy fur coat, which is meant to keep him warm in some pretty low temperatures. Watch him for signs of being cold such as shaking, trembling, frantically trying to cover up in covers, clothes, etc. If your cat is resting comfortably without a coat then he’s probably not cold. A Sphynx on the other hand barely has a coat or fur. He may actually get cold a lot sooner than you. Watch him for signs of shaking and immediately cover him with a coat or blanket. For tips on how to know if your cat is cold, talk with your Southside, FL veterinary clinic.


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