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The Case for Spaying/Neutering Your Dog

Spaying or neutering your dog reduces unwanted litters of puppies but there are a number of advantages too.Sterilizing a dog lessens the amount of territory marking with strong-smelling urine. Your dog will be less likely to wander off looking for a mate. Sterilization can make your dog more calm and dedicated to you and your family.This reduces the desire to run away. Spaying or neutering your dog does not cause weight gain on its own. It is true your calmer dog may be less active. However, a little extra exercise can control any inadvertent weight gain. Sterilization can reduce the risk of your dog contracting certain cancers such as uterine and breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. Spaying and neutering is a surgical procedure done under anesthesia but he long-term benefits far outweigh any risks. Contact your Old Dominion Veterinary Clinic to learn more.


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