Why your cat ignores you sometimes

You have a cat in your life who you love very much. Interacting with her is one way that you show her how much you care and it’s also how you can enjoy her company to the fullest. This makes you wonder – why does she ignore you sometimes?

Your cat is a creature of habit and she wants to make sure her needs are met. If she is thinking about getting something done, she will focus on this in order to complete her task. If your pet is unable or unwilling to socialize at the moment, she may ignore you to let you know she isn’t interested in that activity right now. She has limited ways of communicating with you and this means that she uses what is at her disposal. This sometimes is in the form of ignoring you to ensure she is able to go about her day as she chooses. For additional information, please contact your local Pleasanton, CA vet.


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