Skin Problems In Cats

Constant scratching and licking in cats are early signs of an underlying health issues affecting the skin. There are various conditions that have been implicated in skin problems of cats. Here are some of them:

Feline acne

The pimples appear on and around the cat’s chin. Some possible causes include poor grooming, allergy to plastic, stress, or a reaction to a medication.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections are usually a sequel to a primary skin problem. It may be due to an infected skin acne or wound.

Yeast infections

These infections are common in the ear and it is often accompanied by a distinct cheesy smell. There may also be ear discharge, inflamed ear flap, and pain.


Ringworm is common in kittens under one year of age. Circular lesions may be present on any part of the cat’s body especially the head and forelimbs. 

There is a need for your cat to undergo a complete examination by your Oshawa, ON vet to determine the underlying cause of the skin problem so it can be addressed appropriately.

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