Fatty Skin Tumors in Dogs

A fatty tumor is also known as a lipoma. It is a slow-growing tumor that usually develops under the skin. Instead of forming a flat layer under the skin like normal body fat, fatty tumors form lumps. Fortunately, fatty tumors are benign but rapidly-growing lipomas can put unnecessary pressure on internal organs, interfere in the dog’s movement and/or mobility. Lipomas that grow between the dog’s front limb and body wall can create friction that can cause skin abrasions which can pave the way for infections to develop. In very rare cases, lipomas can become infiltrative, penetrating into the surrounding muscle tissues. These type of tumors can develop in various locations on a dog’s body. When they penetrate the muscle, the fatty tumor can interfere with muscle contraction. Some are even known the cause lameness depending on the location. Any lump or bump on your dog’s body should be checked out by your veterinarian New Tulsa OK sooner rather than later. 


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