Dangers Of Second-Hand Smoke For Pets

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the dangers that second hand smoke poses to pets. Second-hand smoke refers to the smoke exhaled into the air by the smoker and then inhaled by people and pets in the immediate surroundings. It is also called ‘environmental tobacco smoke’ (ETS). A study has shown that cats that are exposed to ETS have higher risks of developing malignant lymphoma or lymphosarcoma. In fact, the risk is 2.5 times higher in cats living in smoking households than those in smoke-free homes. The risk increases to 3.2 in cats that have been exposed to ETS for five years or more. This means that these cats are 3 times likely to develop lymphoma as cats living in homes where no one smokes. There are also studies that suggest a link between the occurrence of oral cancers in cats and third-hand smoke (that is, smoke residues that stick to the skin, carpet, furniture, fur, clothing, etc.)

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