Giving Your Small Pet a Hideaway

Small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and mice love to hole up inside their enclosure in their own special place. A hideaway provides a napping place or somewhere to hide when he feels insecure and needs comforting. Your pet can run to his hideaway when people approach his enclosure. This allows him check out visitors from a place of safety. This need to hide is instinctual. Your small pet would be prey for larger animals in the wild. Never disturb your pet while he is in his hideaway. When he feels comfortable and safe and wants to interact with you, he will come out on his own. A small wooden box with a door your pet can squeeze through makes a good hideaway. A cardboard house could work too. Reputable pet supply stores sell hideaways too. Learn more from your Marion, IA veterinary clinic.


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