Ways to Entertain Your Bird

Did you know that birds like to be entertained? Most pet birds love to socialize with other birds, people, and even other pets. Pet birds like to be part of the action, the center of attention, and always entertained. If your bird starts shrieking unexpectedly and randomly or starts pecking at your or biting you it could be a sign he is lonely or bored. Ways to help entertain your bird include talking to him, singing to him, dancing in front of his cage, playing with your bird outside of the cage, and even turning on a television or radio while you’re away during the day or night. Birds can get lonely and when that happens they can get destructive. Screeching, shrieking and pulling out feathers are just a few ways your bird may act out. Your North Phoenix, AZ veterinary clinic can tell you that keeping the bird entertained can prevent the bird from developing bad habits. Learn more here.


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