Why It’s Important to Pick Up After Your Cat

If you walk your cat outdoors on or off a leash, you should make it a common practice to stop and pick up after your cat poops. This is often done more with dogs, but some owners walk their cats on leash too. Use pet potty bags that can be found in pet stores, online, and in retail stores. You can also recycle plastic shopping bags or bags that the morning paper comes in. All of these can be used to pick up poop. Picking up poop leaves the neighborhood streets, walkways, and yards smelling nice and fresh. Some neighbors won’t be as upset with a cat in their yard if they know the owner will pick up after it. You can dispose of the bag in your own trash or in the community dumpster. Do not throw it away in a neighbor’s trash can. Talk with your North Phoenix, AZ vet for more details.


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