Can Birds Get a Cold?

Birds cannot get a cold in terms of a human cold. Whether a person has a cold, virus, or even something more serious it cannot be transmitted to a bird. Birds may develop “colds” of their own which are usually some type of illness or infection, but they are not like the everyday human cold. If you see your bird sneezing or he sounds like he’s coughing you should call your vet. For instance you may think your bird has a runny nose, but it’s in response to an irritation in the nose not because of a cold. Birds can get an air sac infection or congestion in the lungs but it is not a cold. Your bird could be coming down with something related to a bird illness. Pet birds are, for the most part, generally healthy. They require little upkeep and some only one vaccine and that is against the Polyomavirus. Talk with your Glendale, AZ veterinary clinic to learn more.


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