When to Bathe Your Dog in the Winter

Baths are most likely not given as often in the winter due to the cold outdoor weather. However, this doesn’t stop dogs from getting dirty especially if there’s snow and it melts into mud. Dogs tend to love rolling in the mud. If this sounds like your pup then a bath will be a necessity. If possible, spot clean your pup with pet bath wipes. Try using a dry shampoo to avoid getting your dog completely wet. If these tips don’t work, you will need to give your dog a bath indoors in your walk in shower or bathtub. If your dog is a toy or miniature breed you may be able to bath him in the kitchen or bathroom sink. The main thing to remember is to give a bath early in the day and use warm water. After the bath dry your dog thoroughly. For suggestions on quick drying talk with your Green Bay, WI veterinary clinic.


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