Dog Coats in the House

During the colder fall and winter months you may find that your dog is warmer with a blanket on outside. Breeds such as the Chihuahua, Boxer, Labrador (short hair), Beagles, Bassets, Toy Poodles, etc. may need an extra layer for warmth. Just be careful to make sure they are not too hot if they are wearing their coats in the house. If your house stays nice and warm then remove your dog’s coat when he or she comes in from the outside. If you like your house on the cool side then you may want to leave the coat on your pup. You can check to see if your dog is too warm by placing your hand under his coat. If he’s super warm remove the coat. If he’s slightly warm then leave the coat. If you’re not sure then remove the coat. For more tips, give your vet Crown Point, IN a call.


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