Joint Problems in Dogs

Dogs living an active lifestyle have higher risks of developing joint-related problems like osteoarthritis and tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament. Some joint problems are associated with development problems, such as in hip dysplasia in which the joint fail to develop correctly. There are also cases of joint conditions that are degenerative in nature. These often occur over time with wear and tear.

The first thing that people often notice about their dogs with joint problems is a distinct change in their behavior when it comes to engaging in certain physical activities, getting up or going down from couch, going up or down the stairs, etc. Dogs that regularly run with their owners may become exhausted easily unlike before. Without proper veterinary attention, lameness may result as the dog makes an effort to put less pressure on the affected limb/s by holding it up. You should make an appointment with your animal hospital Roanoke, VA if you notice distinct changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior.  


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